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Create a new Isaak-Sakai site

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If you've already created your Isaak-Sakai course site and would like to make some configurations, the Instructors Guide to Getting Started will be a useful resource.


[edit] About

For the 2017 Course Calendar, Brock University has transitioned to Sakai's built-in course site request system that creates new sites immediately and relies on Brock University's instructor-of-record information.

This system allows the instructor of record to create a site immediately without waiting for the CPI to approve a request or for overnight addition of students once the site has been created. Instructors who require a site for a course they are not yet listed as teaching may need to update their records before they can add a roster of students to their sites.

[edit] How do I create a new course or project site?

At Brock University, the availability of an instructor's class roster is based on information drawn from the most current timetables offered by the Scheduling department of Brock University's Registrar's Office. If you would like to confirm your course assignment, we suggest that you contact the administrative support within your department.

Once a course site has been created in Isaak-Sakai, an instructor can assign to it any rosters of courses for which they are responsible. Please note that class rosters are NOT automatically assigned to an Isaak-Sakai site.

If you have the appropriate permissions to create new course or project sites, you may do so from either Site Setup or the Sites tab in Home.

  1. There are two ways to create a new site once an Instructor has logged into Isaak-Sakai
    1. Select the Site Setup tool from the Tool Menu in Home.
      1. Click New.
    2. go to Sites
      More Sites, Create New Site
      More Sites, Create New Site
      1. Click on the Sites tab in Home to view your active sites drawer.
      2. From your sites drawer, click Create New Site.
  2. Select one of the two types of sites.
    • Course site For schedule, class related, teaching
    • Project site For academic collaboration between Brock University employees or Brock University employees and students.
  3. Choose either course site for sites you would like to add students to or project site for other uses.
    • For Course sites.
      Example of assigned rosters
      Example of assigned rosters
      1. Select an Academic Term from the drop-down menu and then click Continue.
      2. Select a roster(s)
        • If you are listed as the instructor of record for certain courses in your course catalog, those courses and their sections will be listed. Check the box to the left of each Roster you would like to add to this site.
      3. NOTE: Only one course site will be created regardless of how many rosters you choose. Only one course site is created per request.
  4. Enter site information.
    • Site Title: This is the title of the first roster selected, but instructors can modify this title to be more appropriate
    • Description: The information entered into the description area will appear on the site's home page. You may use the Rich Text Editor here to enter your description.
    • Short Description: This description would be displayed in publicly viewable list of sites. But this is currently disabled at Brock University
    • Site Contact Name and EMail: Enter the name and email address for the site contact. (This is typically the site creator, owner, or instructor.)
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Select site tools. Place a check mark next to any tools that you would like to use in this course site.
  7. Re-use existing material. You may choose to re-use material from other sites that you own. Choose either No or Yes for this option. (If you select Yes, indicate the site(s) from which to copy content in the list shown below.)
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Configure site access.
    • Select to Publish the site, or Leave as Draft (i.e. unpublished). Unpublished sites are only visible to site owners, not other participants such as students.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Confirm site setup.
  12. You will see a screen which displays all of the site settings for verification. If everything appears correct, click Create Site.

[edit] How do I ensure that I am the Instructor of Record?

Instructor of record information is drawn from the most current timetables offered by the Scheduling department of Brock University's Registrar's Office. If you've just been assigned a course, it's possible that this update has not yet taken effect. If you would like to confirm your course assignment, we suggest that you contact the administrative support within your department.

[edit] Changes from the previous Sakai / WebCT Management Facility

This new facility allows for sites be created immediately and accommodates mixing class rosters in a way that was not possible with the old tool.

The Library's Research Guide will be added by default to all new course sites. This tool can be removed, but it should be useful to students. Liaison Librarians can no longer be added to Isaak-Sakai sites during the request process, but they can be added view the regular Add Participants process.

[edit] Delete Old Sites

Instructors can delete any site that they are an Instructor in, regardless of the current activity in the site or who created the site.

Sites can be deleted in Site Setup by selecting the checkbox to the left of the Worksite Title, then clicking Delete. A prompt to alert you that you are about to softly delete a site will then be presented. If you wish to continue you can then press Mark for deletion.

[edit] Recover Deleted Site

Change View to Softly Deleted Sites, select then restore
Change View to Softly Deleted Sites, select then restore

To recover a site that might have been deleted by you or another instructor change the View in Site Setup to Softly Deleted Sites, review the list of greyed out sites and check the checkbox to the left of the Worksite Title you wish to restore. Then click Restore. The site will immediately be restored for all Instructors, and students (depending on its Publish status).

[edit] Contact the CPI

Instructors are welcome to contact the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) for assistance.

Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

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