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[edit] What is the Commons tool?

What's on your mind?
What's on your mind?

Commons is a social networking style tool allowing posts with url to thumbnail expansion, and unthreaded replies, similar to Facebook posts. It may be used as an alternative to other communication tool options, such as Comments in Lessons, or Forums.

Commons is not present in an Isaak-Sakai site by default and must be added.

Note: Commons does not support grading or other more advanced Forums features, such as threaded discussions, group permissions, availability dates, etc.

[edit] How do I create a post in Commons?

[edit] Add a text post

After opening the Commons tool, type text into the What's on your mind? text field.

[edit] Add a post with links

Add a link
Add a link
  1. Click the link icon
  2. Enter a link within the Link to: field and optionally some Display text. click Insert to save.

[edit] Add an image

Add an image
Add an image
  1. Click the image icon
  2. Click Choose File and then locate an image from your computer
  3. Click Insert
  4. Click Post

[edit] How do I comment/reply to a post in Commons?

  1. Click the Replay option that's located beneath an existing post
  2. Input your response, then click Post Comment

[edit] More information

A full description of the Commons tools is available at

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This article is based on the equivalent Sakai project help article.

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