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[edit] Class Blog will be removed in Sakai 12

The Class Blog tool is no longer being supported by the community of developers and institutions that build Sakai and will become unavailable at Brock after the upgrade to Sakai 12. The soon-to-be-added Commons tool may be an interesting solution for assignments in which students are asked to post updates or brief-to-medium sized passages for response or peer review. Also, much of the functionality of Class Blog can be replicated in the Assignments tool, Forums tool, or Lessons tool.

For more information about the August 2018 update, please visit Update Notes: Isaak-Sakai 12.

[edit] What is Class Blog?

The new (as of Sakai 2.9.3) Class Blog tool allows course site participants to create and maintain blogs as well as comment on the blog posts of others. This robust tool has received wide support within the Sakai community, and has been selected by CPI to replace Blogger, the legacy blogging tool available on all course sites to this point. Note that Blogger's functionality will live on through Class Blog in new courses, in most cases with increased ease of use as the tool undergoes community-wide development. Existing courses can continue to use Blogger.

The Class Blog tool allows site participants to create and maintain weblogs (blogs), or online journals, as well as to comment on the blog posts of others. The tool is typically added to course and project sites, but it may also be added to My Workspace sites. Key features of the Classroom Blog tool include:

  • Access options—a user may choose to keep a post in private “draft” form or to publish it, so the post is accessible to all site participants. A user may also choose whether to allow other site participants to comment on a published blog post.
  • Integration with the Profile tool—this integration lets users access the profile image and information of other site participants from within the Classroom Blog tool, as well as request and manage connections.
  • Editing and removal—users may edit and delete existing blog posts. A user with permission to delete posts by all site participants also has access to a recycle bin, from which the user may restore or permanently delete posts.
  • Notification options—via the Preferences tool, users may select options for email notification of new activity in the Classroom Blog tool, for either all their sites or selected sites.
  • RSS feed—users may subscribe to an RSS feed for posts by all site participants, or to RSS feeds for the posts of specific participants.
  • Summary of activity - there is also a quick View authors area that displays who has made a post and how many, as well as who has commented and how many comments they have made.
  • Public blog posts—there is an RSS feed of all posts or individual author's posts that can be syndicated outside of Isaak-Sakai.

[edit] Post Creation

Blog uses Sakai's built-in [Text Editor|rich text editor] and this allows fully formatted text, embedded images and templated layouts.

New blog posts can be created be following these steps:

  • Create new post from the top of the Class Blog tool
  • Create your post by adding a title (this must be longer than four characters) and adding some content.
  • To finish, either click Save as Draft or Publish.
    • Save as Draft will ensure that the post is only visible to you, even if previously published, whereas Publish will make the post visible to all the members of the worksite.

You'll now be redirected to the home page where you'll be able to see your new post.

[edit] Comment Creation

Comments can be added by anyone with access by following these steps:

  • At the top left of any post there are icons that correspond to the post and your level of access.
  • Wherever you see this icon Image:Comment add.png you can create a comment.
  • Type your comment and press Save when done.

[edit] Deleting and Editing

Whenever you have access you will be presented with the options to delete or edit content be selecting the corresponding icon directly above the content.

  • Image:Pencil.png Edit
  • Image:Cross.png Delete

[edit] Additional Information

More complete information is available on the The Sakai Community Clog Contributor page.

Issue: Regardless of your notification preference emails are always sent to participants in the Class Blog. This includes both students, TA's and Instructors. See Clog Emails for help creating a mail filter for this.

This is a known issue and the Sakai Project has been notified.

You can track the progress here:

This article is based on the equivalent Sakai project help article.

The Sakai Educational Community License is deemed to be compatible with this sites Project:Copyrights which are under the Creative Commons 2.5 Licence. You can view the original Sakai help documentation, unedited, at

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