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Changing a Matrix

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If you have not yet published a matrix, you may change any part of it. Preview mode allows you to test out the matrix and still change any part of it. Once published, you are limited in what you can change. To revise a matrix, access the Matrices tool and follow these steps:

If the Matrices home page is not displayed, click the Reset button. Find the matrix you want to change and click the Revise link beneath its name. Sakai displays the Revise Matrix screen. In the Matrices menu near the top of the screen, click Revise Properties. Sakai displays the Revise Matrix Properties screen.

To revise a column or row, click the Revise link below its name and proceed as instructed in "Creating a Matrix,".To remove a column or row, click the Remove link below its name. Sakai displays the Remove Column (or Remove Row) window. To proceed, click Continue. Sakai deletes the column (or row) and redisplays the Revise Matrix screen. To move a row or column up or down in the list, click the appropriate link below its name. Sakai reorders the columns. To change other selections and entries on this screen, proceed as instructed in "Creating a Matrix," above. To save your work, click Save Changes. Or, to exit without adding a new matrix, click Cancel. If you clicked Save Changes, Sakai saves your changes and displays the revised matrix on the Revise Matrix screen.

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