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Sakai Schedule Tool
Sakai Schedule Tool
Schedule allows instructors to post items in calendar format. The calendar has day, week, month, year, and a flat list view. Any Schedule item can have multiple attachments. All Schedules on course sites you have access to are merged in your Home Schedule. In a course sites, you can also selectively merge Schedules from other sites you have access to using the Merge feature. You can print an Adobe PDF file of any view of a Schedule by clicking the "Print PDF" button while in the desired view.


[edit] Key concepts

Activity list: To see a list of all events, next to "View", click List of Events.

Import calendar files: You can import calendar files in Microsoft Outlook, Meeting Maker, iCalendar, or generic comma-delimited (.csv) formats.

Merging calendars: All calendars on sites you have access to are merged in your Homee Schedule. In worksites, you can click Merge to selectively merge calendars from other sites to which you have access. Things to consider

  • Any Schedule item can have multiple attachments.
  • You can print an Adobe PDF file of any view of a Schedule by clicking Printable Version while in the desired view. This will open a PDF file in a new browser window.

[edit] Navigation

Use the left and right arrows to change months or weeks. Click Today to return to the current day.

Click a day to see a summary of events for that day.

Click the title of an event to see a summary of that event.

Click Full details... to go to the Schedule tool and view complete details for the event.

[edit] Views

The Schedule tool offers a number of views of class events and items:

  • Calendar by Week
  • Calendar by Month
  • Calendar by Year
  • List of Events
    Printed/PDF "List of Events" view
    Printed/PDF "List of Events" view
    • The "List of Events" view can be an excellent way to generate an outline of an entire course. The printable version can then br printed, saved or circulated as an appendix to the course outline.

[edit] Options

Click Options to set your preferences, including:

  • Calendar display: Next to "View", use the drop-down list to select either Calendar by Week or Calendar by Month.
  • Event priority: Under "Priority events", define event priorities and priority colours. Highlight an event type and click Move up or Move down to set the priority to high, medium, or low.
  • Colours: Enter hexadecimal values or click the Colour Palette icon to select colours to represent high, medium, and low priority events.
  • To save your changes, click Update.
    • To cancel, click Cancel.

[edit] Creating/adding items

Text Editor Tips

Click Here

This tool makes use of the Sakai Text Editor.

Our Text Editor article includes a number of tips including how to add images or paste content from MS Word.

  1. While viewing your calendar, click Add.
  2. Enter the required information for title, date, and start time. Additionally, you can specify a duration and end time.
  3. Under "Message" a description can be added.
  4. To display the event to all members of the site, check Display to site. To display the event only to members of a certain group, check Display to selected groups, and then use the checkboxes to choose which groups or sections can view the calendar item.
    Note: If you don't see the Display to selected groups option, no groups or sections are associated with your site; see Managing groups.
  5. If your event will take place more than once, you can set the frequency by clicking Frequency.
    Then follow these steps:
    1. Next to "Event Frequency", use the drop-down list to select daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
    2. Next to "Every:", use the drop-down list to select a value between 1 and 31.
    3. Under "Ends:", use the radio buttons to select when you want your event to stop recurring.
    4. Click Save Frequency.
      Note: If you do not choose a frequency, your activity will occur once.
  6. Next to "Event Type", use the drop-down list to choose an appropriate classification for your event.
  7. Next to "Event Location", type a location for your event into the text box.
  8. Under "Attachments", you can attach a file from your local computer or from Resources, or specify the URL for a file on the web. For instructions, see Options for adding attachments.
  9. To save your event and post it to the calendar, click Save Event. To cancel, click Cancel.

[edit] Editing items

  1. Find the item on your calendar and click its title.
  2. Click Revise.
  3. In the resulting form, make your desired changes.
  4. When you are finished editing the item, click Save Event.

[edit] Deleting items

  1. Find the item on your calendar and click its title.
  2. Click Delete. On the confirmation page, click Delete to remove the item, or Cancel to cancel the action.

[edit] Importing a calendar

Note: Before importing a calendar, you must use your calendaring program to export its information as a file. When you do so, make note of the file's location. When working with Outlook calendars, for best results, export the calendar as a Windows .csv file, and when importing, choose Microsoft Outlook as the type of calendar file.

To import a calendar file:

  • From the menubar, click Schedule.
  • Click Import.
    Note: The absence of the Import option means that you don't have permission to import a calendar. In some sites' calendars, including your Home, you may be able to change your permission settings. To do so, click Permissions, check the boxes under "import", and then click Save.
  • Click the radio button beside the type of calendar file you are importing (Microsoft Outlook, Meeting Maker, or Generic calendar import (comma-separate values)), and then click Continue.
  • Click Browse... and browse to the calendar file you want to import.
  • When you have selected it, click Continue.
  • You should now see a preview of the items to be imported.
  • You may un-check items that you don't want to import.
  • Click Import Events to add the imported items.

Is this an opportunity to integrate another site into Isaak/Sakai?

If you use Google calendar you may want integrate it into Sakai/Isaak. Please see the article Add Google Calendar.

Options like the Resources tool and the Web Content tool's ability to add links and RSS integration of the News tool offer opportunity to integrate sites from the broader web into Brock University courses.

More information can be found in category Integrate other sites.

[edit] Video

YouTube/Podcast - Schedule

Find more videos for instructors at the Welcome To Sakai Webinar article, or look in the Video Category

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The Sakai Educational Community License is deemed to be compatible with this site's Project:Copyrights which are under the Creative Commons 2.5 Licence.

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