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A CAMPUS ID, also know as a username, login, account, user id and computer account, is the unique ID assigned to all students and most staff and faculty for computer access.

Student and Instructors need to have a valid Brock CAMPUS ID in order to access Isaak-Sakai, this is the same account used at the portal. Your CAMPUS ID needs to initially be activated and needs its password changed every 120 days. Please go to confirm your CAMPUS ID is working if you are having any issues logging into Sakai.

Examples of a CAMPUS ID

  • Students:
    • ib16aa
    • aa09zz
    • zz10aa
  • Instructors:
    • ibrock
    • jsmith
    • jsmith2

As of Wednesday July 19, 2017 Isaak-Sakai uses Brock University's ADFS Login system. As this system allows for access to a number of services across the web users are required to add their suffix when they login.

[edit] What does it look like?

Image:ADFS Sakai Login Example.gif

[edit] Losing access

If you access the portal you will be alerted when your password is about to expire.
If you access the portal you will be alerted when your password is about to expire.

Certain activity will also lock an individual's account, requiring the individual to log into the portal before they log into Isaak/Sakai. Isaak/Sakai will give no specific warning indicating this is the case.

Instructors and students are required to change their CAMPUS ID's password every 120 days. You should receive an e-mail sent to your Brock University e-mail address alerting you and the expiration of your password before it expires.

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