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Brock's Sakai System

From Information about Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS

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Brock's production Sakai system is designed to be robust and up to the task of serving Brock's growing community.

You can access Isaak, Brock University Sakai-Based LMS, at

[edit] Server Diagram

Here is the basic server digram for Brock University's Sakai system and its conceptual layout.

Brock University's Sakai system is a load balanced cluster (Definition) of Sakai application servers sharing common data in a common database back-end. This ensures that there is enough capacity for all of Brock University's instructors and learners and sufficient redundancy if there is an issue.

The bottom line is that Brock's Isaak/Sakai system will be there when students and instructors need it.

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