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Bluepulse for students

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This guide is based on the Bluepulse student guide, How do I access Bluepulse?.

Make a direct impact by submitting constructive and honest feedback, engaging in a two-way confidential dialogue with your instructor, and being heard at any point during the semester so your instructor is in the loop with your thoughts, challenges, and suggestions regarding the course. Your participation enables appropriate action to be taken while there is still time to help and improve your understanding, learning, and course experience.

Students can:

  • submit confidential feedback about how the course is going
  • respond to specific questions that are asked by the instructor

[edit] How do I access Bluepulse?

You can offer feedback in Bluepulse by connecting to it through your course's Sakai site or through the Bluepulse mobile app.

[edit] In Sakai

  1. Locate the Sakai site for your course
  2. Click the Bluepulse tool that's located in the toolbar
  3. To submit a confidential comment about the course, enter it into the Submit Confidential Feedback box
  4. If your instructor has asked the class a question, respond anonymously

[edit] With your mobile device (after pairing)

  1. Download the Bluepulse mobile app
  2. Locate the Sakai site for your course using your device or a separate computer
  3. Click the Bluepulse tool that's located in the toolbar
  4. Click Open this app in a new tab
  5. Click the gear icon (Customize settings)
  6. Edit the Pairing Devices section. Note that QR code and large pairing code will be provided
  7. With your device, open the Bluepulse app then tap Connect to an institution
  8. Use the Capture QR Code option or the paste the code here option
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