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BluePulse is an adaptive social feedback platform that works in concert with instructors who are open to making incremental improvements in their teaching practices and to understanding what's going in an on-or-off-line classroom in real time. BluePulse can be added to any Isaak-Sakai site by interested Instructors.
Asking your students for formative feedback
Asking your students for formative feedback

Using Bluepulse as a student? Check the Bluepulse for students page.

[edit] Bluepulse for Instructors

This guide is based on the Bluepulse2 Instructor guide for asking a question

An instructor view of BluePulse after responses from students
An instructor view of BluePulse after responses from students

[edit] How to Add Bluepulse to an Isaak-Sakai site

Click the image above to view large image of the Edit Tools interface
Click the image above to view large image of the Edit Tools interface

Using the Site Info tool, you can add, edit, or remove the tools on the menubar. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. In your site, from the menubar on the left, click Site Info.
  2. Click Manage Tools from the grey menu across the top.
  3. Below the list of existing Sakai tools, there is a link labelled External Tools
  4. From the dropdown menu, select Bluepulse.
  5. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  6. Confirm the selection and title and click Continue at the bottom of the page. Note that customization of the title is an optional step.
  7. On the confirmation screen, you will see a list of your site's tools and any changes you've made. If the list is accurate, click Finish.

[edit] How to access Bluepulse

  • While logged into your course site, click the Bluepulse link
  • The view within your course site provides a synoptic look at feedback that's recently been provided by your students.
  • Click Open this app in a new tab to use the Bluepulse online application

[edit] How do I create a question?

  • After opening the Bluepulse online application, click the course title in which you'd like to create a question.
  • Select Manage Feedback.
  • Select Ask a Question.
  • Enter the text of your question in the What do you want to ask your students? box.
  • Choose the question type within the How do you want your students to answer? box. The following are available types:
    • Select an Answer
    • Rate on a Five-Point Scale
    • Type an Open-Ended Response
  • Note the question preview that's available in the Here’s what your students will see panel.
  • Optionally, set some additional options with More options:
    • Should students see the summarized results of the questions you're asking?
    • Should students be prompted to respond? Note that students must have downloaded the Bluepulse mobile app for this to occur.
  • Select CREATE to finalize and create the new question.

[edit] More Information

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