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Allowing Blocked Downloads

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The latest version of Internet Explorer contained in Windows XP service pack 2 in Windows Vista blocks a lot of things that might be a security risk. Internet Explorer alerts users to this phenomena with the alert pictured below:

Check for this message at the top of the page, click the message to allow the download.
Check for this message at the top of the page, click the message to allow the download.

This is generally a good development, but does have unintended consequences. One example is downloading files like PowerPoint files and Word documents. Instructors should consider using PDF documents instead, but if this is not possible students and instructors can re-enable file downloads in Internet Explorer. Another solution beyond the fixes below is all course participants switching to Firefox.

This is a limitation introduced by Internet Explorer, not our Sakai-Based LMS. Certain MS Office file formats have been used as vectors for computer viruses and newer versions of Internet Explorer are trying to protect users from this. The example files found at , outside of our Sakai-Based LMS, demonstrate this.

[edit] Allowing Downloads Temporarily

When the content you are trying to access is block an alert should appear at the top of the web page. To allow the blocked content, right-click on this information bar and select "Allow Blocked Content" or "Allow Blocked File". You may need to log out of that course and log back in for the change to take effect.

[edit] Allowing Downloads Permanently

From the menu select 'Tools' >> 'Internet Options' >> 'Security Settings' >> 'Custom Level...'.

This will bring up the security settings window. Scroll about a third of the way down to the 'Downloads' section.

Ensure that these two settings are enabled:

  • Automatic prompting for file downloads
  • File Download

Press 'OK' to close the 'Security Settings' widow and the 'Internet Options' menu.

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