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Accommodating Varied Assessment Durations (Giving Extra Time)

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Using Isaak-Sakai’s Tests and Quizzes tool, it is possible to facilitate extended-duration assessments for a subset of students requiring additional time. This page outlines the configuration steps required to do so.

Privacy Concern

This tool can disclose the names of other participants inside the same course or site. Please consider student privacy before you turn this tool on.

If enabled, the Roster tool allows all site users within a course to see all other site users within the default course group (as set by Isaak-Sakai when a course site is created). Additionally, if the instructor manually creates and adds members to custom groups, members of those groups will see the names of other members within the same group. This is fine in most cases, but may require a second thought if a group is created to include individuals for confidential reasons. If you would like to facilitate course-wide communication and transparency but prefer to avoid the potential issue described above, consider enabling the Messages or Forums tools, or request a Kumu Wiki or Etherpad for your course site.

Please consider the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and Brock University's own privacy policies. You can learn more at

[edit] 1. Create a new student group

Create a new student group within your course site that contains the students in need of additional time. Carefully note the Privacy Concern displayed on this page.

[edit] 2. Duplicate the existing version of the assessment intended for modification

This can be done by visiting a course site’s Tests and Quizzes tool, opening the —Select Action— menu related to the standard assessment, then selecting Duplicate. It's possible to modify the new assessment’s title from [test name] – Copy #1 by opening the —Select Action— menu adjacent to the new assessment, selecting Settings, then editing the title information in the About this Assessment section. Other recommended modifications are as follows:

  • Ensure that the Grades sent to Gradebook option within the Grading section is not checked within the settings of the modified assessment. This step is not required if the Gradebook tool is not in use.
  • Assessment duration can be modified as appropriate in the Availability and Submissions section of the new assessment's Settings menu. Select Save Settings to complete the modifications.
  • Visibility of the new assessment can be modified in the Assessment Released To section by selecting Selected Groups, then checking the box associated with the new student group created in step 1 above. Select Save Settings to complete the modifications.

[edit] 3. Merge assessment scores (optional)

This step is in the interests of version control; because students are normally offered equal weighting despite having written the standard or modified version of the assessment, it may benefit the instructor to possess a central list of scores from which to assign grades.

Once students have completed the published modified assessment, scores can be exported by opening the —Select Action— menu related to the assessment in the Published Assessments or Inactive Assessments list, then selecting Scores. The Export option on the following page will save a spreadsheet to the local computer. The next phase would be to manually enter the scores for the modified assessment to the list of scores for the standard version of the assessment. This can be done by similarly opening the —Select Action— menu related to the standard assessment in the Published Copies list, selecting Scores, then manually entering the values of the scores for the students that took the modified version. Note that Students' identities can be seen by graders must be enabled in the Settings of both assessments for this procedure to work.

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