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[edit] As of Wednesday July 19 2017 Isaak-Sakai will use the Brock's campus-wide (ADFS) authentication.
Campus-wide authentication
Campus-wide authentication

ADFS authentication requires your suffix to be part of your username. This is perhaps the biggest change. Your account and password are otherwise the same as all other major Brock University web site.

If you have not already logged into ADFS you will be prompted to login to ADFS when following the Brock Login link, or any other direct link referring you to Sakai. If you have already signed on to a Brock University service or certain Brock University lab computers, you will be taken directly to your destination without being prompted for an account and password.

Sakai 11 will use Brock's campus-wide (ADFS, Active Directory Federation Service) authentication. This is the same method that's currently used to log into Office 365, Workday, and several other services on campus. This will allow you to share a session with these services and not be troubled to log in separately for each.

This single service to sign-on to Brock University web sites should reduce login fatigue. Additionally, it will allow Isaak-Sakai to permit longer periods of inactivity before logging you out.

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[edit] What does it look like?

Image:ADFS Sakai Login Example.gif

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