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Public information and resources for Brock University Adult Education Instructors

[edit] Tools made use of by some ADED courses:

  • Resources:- For posting files, documents, URLs to other websites, etc.
  • Announcements:- For posting current, time-critical information.
  • Assignments:- For Submitting online, tracking submissions, return grades - the less formal alternative: Drop Box
  • Chat Room:- Synchronous communications tool
  • Forums:- Tool for asynchronous discussions
  • Tests and Quizzes
  • Gradebook:- For Returning student grades securely and privately
  • Messages:- Display messages to/from users of a particular site -- Inter-Sakai-E-Mail
  • Site Info:- For showing modified site information, adding and removing site participants and, managing groups.
  • Schedule:- For posting and viewing deadlines and events
  • Wiki

Also worth noting: Making PDF documents

[edit] The "PowerPoint"

Presentation: Image:Sakai4AQ.pdf

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