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The Faculty of Education's Brock Learning Network (BLN) is located at

  • Candace Figg, Education
  • Camille Rutherford, Education
  • When Candace & Camille came to Brock 4 years ago, they wanted mentorship, and to connect with colleagues across campus at St.Catharines AND Hamilton
  • wanted to build something specific to their needs
  • based on Drupal 6.0 (just like the new Brock website)
  • pulled in modules specific to FoEd, blog, groups, comments, news, recent posts, video/images, RSS

[edit] Why should I care

  • exhibiting professional behaviours, separated from their personal life

[edit] Support for BLN: Envisioning the Best Case Scenario

  • (support so far has been tenuous, experience plus, dean funds, PD funds)
  • would like more support
  • look to the new brand: both sides of the brain; dynamic page, knows who you are, pushes info to you
  • would like to move to single sign on
  • requesting one login for all apps
  • feed relevant info
  • stay connected, create deep ties after graduation
  • redefining elearning!
  • extended Brock's learning capabilities to graduates, for lifelong learning opportunities
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