Planning Considerations

From Redefining/E-Defining Brock: A Symposium on e-Learning

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Planning Considerations:

Why of interest?

  • some are beginning new initiatives
  • some wish to hear about initiatives that others are doing
  • enthusiasm
  • skepticism open to being convinced
  • support side members, faculty members, administrators
  • sharing white paper on lecture captures
  • alternative sources of information avialable online
  • how do students use the recordings

BUFA collective agreement - workload issues

  • departmental workload standard
  • takes more time in terms of working online than site based
  • handling TAs and discussion groups

Intellectual Property Issues

  • putting pictures on-line – challenges? Digital copyright?
  • Memorandum of understanding can help in instances of collaboration
  • Publishers offer images on CD etc. Does that equate to web publishing?
  • Anything in physical form on paper or CD is copyrighted
  • Agreements with individual writers
  • Engaging people who believe in the value of distributed teaching and learning

Library Privileges:

  • inter-library loan privileges

Training for Staff and Faculty to work with distance students

  • what institutional capacities do we have? What can we learn

How do the logistics work? Eg, You could record the live lecture, delivering site-base and on-line course either simultaneously or in sequence.

Course Revision:

  • must plan for renewal and regeneration

Marketing the course online

  • there is no formal institutional mechanism; collegial efforts at this time

Tests and exams:

Clickers: handheld units can be used; or not. Computers in the classroom: The back of the room is the laptop row. Some are lecture aids others are doing other things (facebook row)

Most students have devices…that can use clicker based systems Publishers want you to use their own clicker systems. (brock online computer clicker system)

what’s the difference between raising your hand -- you can see distribution

readily available – sort of,

what happens to spontaneity online ------ planning, planning, planning,,,

what should we be thinking about.

  • textbook selected that has e-resources attached to it…
  • look at what is available; mixed results…pros and cons
  • students are sometimes reluctant to use and would prefer to have custom

planning over a term before beginning anything;

integrating takes time; planning is easier to do than a mid-term fix

unexpected results sometimes; can lose data;

information rich courses eg. Physics or math; development of ideas; some courses are not easily converted; Windows Journal, lecture capture; it is possible.

MIT has a room just for recording; million dollar resources

The assistance and support is critical; are there initiatives happening for support?

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