Workload Issues and Rewards

From Redefining/E-Defining Brock: A Symposium on e-Learning

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Just some notes from the Workload and Rewards session Workload issues relted to e-learning: 1) volume of e-mail and posting 2) time management, 3) training for faculty, TAs and support staff, 4) availability of resources, 5) server capacity some issues, 6) possibly more adaptations to Sakai needed, 7) advertising and promotion of on-line courses, 8) site licences for software, 9) Questions regarding IP intellectual property, 10) tests and exams, 11) copywrite issues. Most importantly to move forward with on-line courses is that teaching must be valued & rewarded.

Don't recreate the wheel - see what other university practices are Balancing teaching, research & service - for faculty without P & T - they must stay focussed - therefore moving courses to an on-line format may not be advantageous for their careers.

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