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From Redefining/E-Defining Brock: A Symposium on e-Learning

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Notes taken by John Lye and Jill Grose


[edit] Organization of the support system -- centralized

Elearning policy & a strategic plan to centralize, develop, generate communication and support, allocate budget for on-going and pilot programs

[edit] Leadership and Funding

Someone who can operate at the senior level and take charge, direct Centralized access to funding Dedicated funding

[edit] Pedagogy

Plan driven by pedagogical needs rather than financial Pedagogy for elearning

[edit] Idea of a centre for elearning

Resources and tools to build on-line sites -- one-stop shopping for the faculty – (we have silos, no money to create a unified system) How to set up the courses – a one-stop centre for developing courses – more coordination

  • make sure there is a system and the expertise in place
  • question of where this centre located institutionally – connection to CTLET; -- -- question of going off-site for resource management

[edit] Question of elearning vs distance ed

The Centre can be a platform for selling our courses if that is what we want to do How do we work in with the new Ontario on-line course bank Issues of how money comes back to unit Issue of advertising Registration – see next

[edit] Registrar issues

  • registration system non-matriculating students
  • we don’t have on system in place to provide centralize access for distance students
  • centralized list of fully on-line courses

[edit] Promoting Development

Reward for people developing elearning Policy on compensation Policy on intellectual ownership Collective agreements must facilitate the development of innovative programming – need BUFA and CUPE etc support for elearning

[edit] Facilities

Site software licenses Course developers

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