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[edit] Presentation Slides

[edit] Library and eLearning

Embed library resources/liaison services within your Isaak/Sakai course!gateway/page/ae9267bf-8bfb-4218-b83d-2cebda23f584

Links to Library Databases

Library Youtube Channel

Research Skills

Library Learning Resources and Tutorials (login as GUEST)

Learning Commons Programmes for students, faculty, TAs such as:

[edit] Help

Faculty Workshops (April 20, 2010) Registration: Contact your liaison librarian

Do your students cite CRAAP??? Meriam Library, CSU Chico and many adaptations, such as: UFV SAIT Gettysburg

[edit] Students as Researchers: Selected References

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[edit] Notes from presentation

  • Examples of collaborations between Faculty and Library
  • Marcie Jacklin & BIOL (1600 students took online quiz)
  • Monica & History
    • Monica Rettig uses Camtasia Studio but if you are interested, you can try Jing. It's free!
  • Justine Cotton & VISA
  • Mashup Data with Collen Beard (Map Librarian) - census data into visualized maps (GIS)
    • Google Earth comparing historical maps

[edit] Brought to you by....

Laurie Morrison, Barbara McDonald, Monica Rettig, Brock Liaison Librarians [1] and faculty colleagues!

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