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[edit] PEKN 1P93 - Physical Activity Wiki Template

This page is intended to be used by the various groups as a template when structuring your Group Wiki.

For further support on creating Wiki's, visit the following pages:

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[edit] Background

Use this space to introduce your topic and why it is important.

[edit] History

Use this space to provide the history behind your topic. In other words, throughout history, when has physical activity been used to address your topic (e.g., when has physical activity been used to prevent violence?).

[edit] Target Audience

Identify who would be the intended participants (e.g., pre-school, children, individuals with a disability, immigrant families, seniors, combination of groups, etc).

[edit] Research

Use this space to provide a summary of current research on how effective physical activity programs in the past have been to address your topics. This section needs to include a reference list in APA (6th Edition) and where available, provide links to the papers so that others can access the information and view the research for themselves. You must use a minimum of 5 scholarly sources (e.g., texts, journal articles, monographs). (Eldar & Ayvazo, 2009) [1]

[edit] Existing Physical Activity Programs

Use this space to provide a summary of at least 5 existing physical activity programs that address your topic. You must provide a detailed description of each program and a link to the program.

For Example:

1. PlaySport [2]

This program is designed as a teaching games for understanding resource. TGfU is a humanistic approach to teaching games ...

[edit] Best Practice Activity Suggestions

Based upon your review , provide 5 practical suggestions that have evidence to suggest that they are the most effective ways for physical activity to address your topic.

You can also include video or pictures here if you'd like to demonstrate your ideas in action.

For Example: Instructional Video of Teaching Games for Understanding Game Categories [3]

[edit] Future Directions

Use this space to provide recommendations for future needs related to your topic.

[edit] External Links

Use this space to provide up to 5 external links that provide the reader with more information about your topic. It could be organizations, reports, etc.

For example

TGfU Special Interest Group


Physical and Health Education Canada

[edit] Notes and References

  1. Eldar, E., & Ayvazo, S. (2009). Educating through the physical - Rationale. Education & Treatment of Children, 32, 471-486. Available online: [1]

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