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The purpose of this project is take the first steps in developing a rudimentary framework describing effective interface design. The ultimate goal for future iterations of this project is to equip the field of digital media with a theoretical framework that may be used to develop powerful and intuitive interfaces, allowing more powerful tools to be available and usable by wide audiences as quickly and easily as possible.

I suggest that studying a few examples of popular interactive tools in use today will reveal insight into the way individuals prefer to interact with digital devices. I argue that by taking the pragmatic approach of studying a variety of currently popular interfaces across a broad spectrum of today’s interactive media there is a definite pattern that emerges among the most successful examples of interactive media. I believe the recognition of this pattern yields interesting insight into what users prefer in an interface.

A basic summary of this pattern is that effective interface design is not about impressive appearances or offering a plethora of options and or information all at once. The examples addressed here instead suggest that effective interface design is instead about identifying specific user needs and offering the fastest, simplest approach to addressing those needs as possible.

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