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There is a full set of directions for this assignment in the Resources folder.

1) To add your name(s) after a topic set:

◦ Click the 'edit' button in the actions bar above.

◦ You will see the text on this page appear in an editable text box.

◦ Choose a topic set, then type your name(s) in after the three items listed.

◦ Click the 'save' button just below the bottom edge of the window.

2) When you've determined your injuries, come back to the wiki, follow the directions above and add the injuries after your names.

◦ Don't forget to click the 'save' button after making any additions or changes.

Topic Sets:

ankle, rugby, 20-35 Melissa McKay & Kaitlyn Joyce

ankle, running, masters 40+Luke Doherty & Real Cormier

ankle, basketball, 13-19 Ricky McNally and Tyler Dunham (Inversion Ankle sprain and achilles tendon rupture)

ankle, running, 20-35 Miranda Panas & Danielle Luciani (Ankle Sprain and Achilles Tendinitis)

elbow, golf, masters 40+ Bryan Humphries & Lucas freeburn-Hing (medial and later epicondylitis)

elbow, baseball, 20-35: Alex Susi & Ricky Ferri

foot, basketball, 13-19 Leann Finley, Myles Jones (Plantar Fasciitis & Stress Fractures)

foot, soccer, masters 40+ Dhruv Patel, Krista Chaddock

foot, running, 20-35 Arsh Toor, Nafisa Awadia (calcaneus fracture and plantar fasciitis)

foot, soccer, 13-19: Brandon Cercone & Kieran Fitzner

forearm, gymnastics, under 12 Reno Fernley and Cassie Persoon

forearm, football, 13-19 Mackenzie Sabourin

forearm, lacrosse, 20-35 Dylan Lamers and Kayla Harrop (Brachialis muscle myositis ossificans & Ulnar Fracture)

hand, wheelchair basketball, 20-35 Tony Huang Keaton Vandyke

hand, baseball, 20-35 Mike Dallos & Melissa Rattle

hand, mixed martial arts, 20-35 Dylan Harten & Genna Simpson (Boxer's Fracture & Finger dislocation)

hip, hockey, 20-35 Heather Sorley&Erin McColm (hip pointer and bursitis)

hip, football, 20-35 Maddie Bird & Mikaela Cheng (hip pointer & Femoroacetabular impingement)

hip, running, masters 40+ Colin Dunne & Shea Puckett (Snapping Hip Syndrome & labral tear)

knee, running, 20-35 - Adam Ulrick & Alana McDaid (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome & Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)

knee, tennis, 13-19 - Lindsey Doucette + nic foti (Patellar Tendinitis + ACL tear)

knee, soccer, 20-35 - Jessica Heyda & Kiersten House (ACL tear & Patellar Tendinitis)

knee, basketball, 13-19 David Litt & Ryan Fitzgerald

knee, running, masters 40+ morgan williams & Kristen Otterbein

leg, running, 20-35, Jill Purdy, Staci Coffin (Shin Splints and gastrocnemius Strain)

leg, volleyball, 13-19, Hoanne Rodrigues and Rafael Lacerda (Groin Strain and Patellas Tendonitis)

leg, gymnastics, 13-19- Sarah Van Sickle-Gamble & Calum Westbrook (medial tibial stress syndrome and medial gastrocnemius strain)

shoulder, swimming, 13-19 Yunus Butt & Cameron Louie

shoulder, football, 20-35 David Hietkamp & Dylan Paton-= shoulder dislocation & shoulder separation

shoulder, badminton, masters 40+ Jason Sas & Lindsay Clarke - Rotator Cuff Tear & Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

shoulder, rugby, 20-35 Turner German & Tayler Cimek - Acromioclavicular Joint Dislocation & Acromioclavicular Osteoarthritis

shoulder, wheelchair basketball, 20-35 Brandon Slade & Lucas Trevisan (Acromioclavicular joint sprain & Shoulder Impingement Syndrome)

thigh, rugby, 20-35 Rob Smith and Rebecca Tocco

thigh, basketball, 20-35 Robert Roman and Colin Fellows

thigh, gymnastics, 13-19 Alison Howes and Kayla Hutchinson

thigh, amputee running, 20-35 Jenna Vanden Eynde and Michelle Schevers

wrist, hockey, 13-19 Ryan Schroeder and Samantha Morris

wrist, baseball, 20-35 - Joel Wright and Andrew Primmer (hamate & scaphoid fracture)

wrist, snowboarding, 13-19 Mark Asquith and John Devlin - (Scaphoid Fracture & Colles Fracture)

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