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The purpose of this Wiki is to share research resources inorder to further our committment to joint scholarship.


[edit] Qualitative Research

The NSF report "Workshop on Interdisciplinary Standards for Systematic Qualitative Research" recently became available. This workshop brought together social scientists from anthropology, law, political science, and sociology to discuss common evaluative standards. The report can be accessed at

[edit] Case study

I have started to compile a resource list of case study research articles, attached is a link to my refworks folder. Karyn.

[edit] Quantitative Research

[edit] Potential Collaborative research questions

[edit] Education

What are the learning style of the students, faculty and clinical instructors? What are the learning styles of students over the 4 years and after graduation? Do student learning styles change over the course of a 4 year degree? Heather K.,Julie A., & Linda R. How do students learn through creative teaching strategies (on line multiple choice tests)? Do creative teaching strategies make a difference in student outcomes across the two sites? Vicki N., & Karyn T. What does participating in reflective practice mean to 1st year nursing students completing year one? Elizabeth E.,Elizabeth H., & Dawn P.

[edit] Quality of life

What are the outcomes associated with insitu treatment of the elderly client (older adult) who resides in the nursing home and experiences episodic illness versus those transferred to the ED? Sandy M., Tammy A., & Melanie S.

[edit] Health Promotion

Does the use of service bundling within the context of an influenza immunization clinic increase the use of breast screening services? Tammy A.,Melanie S., & Sandy M.

[edit] Knowledge Transfer

Is there evidence to show care plans improve client outcomes? What is the ‘buy in’ to create and use nursing care plans? Suzanne D.,Claudia D.,Lynn R., & Robin K.

[edit] Writing for publication

Nursing Research has open reviews that show the process of how some of their articles get to the stage of being accepted: (From Lynn McCleary)

[edit] Grant writing

The RNAO Nursing Research Interest Group sponsored a presentation on grant writing last Fall. It was webcast. The archive of the webcast is available at: (From Lynn McCleary)

This was submitted by Lynn McCleary:Image:How to Prepare a Successful Research Grant-1-.pdf

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