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Steps to starting a podcast at Brock

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Options for members of the Brock University community with podcast content:

Please contact the CPI if you need any support with this process.


[edit] What you'll need to know

  1. Brock computer CAMPUS ID account credentials
  2. Podcast/Course/Event title
  3. Expiration date/is this to be there forever?
  4. Is this a: Course, Event, Program or Other
  5. Is it an existing podcast or a new one?
    • If yes,
      • then we need the feed URL (and we'll assume its public)
    • If no,
  6. Would you like us to promote this Podcast?
  7. Do you grant permission for reuse and editing of your original podcasts by ESL Services for instructional purposes?

[edit] Where should this podcast be posted?

Brock University makes use of Apple's iTunesU service which Apple makes available to universities for free. This service has recently forked into a Private iTunes U and a Public iTunes U. Other public web sites or tools available at Brock University such as Wordpress-based blogs or Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS can be used to host a create podcasts. The following brake-down refers to the Podcast tool found in Isaak/Sakai.

[edit] Podcast distribution options

Here is a diagram of the distribution channels and the device and audience options that each distribution tool provides for.

[edit] What to record and how

Individuals at Brock University have begun recording lectures, events, and other content in both audio and video formats. Many instructors have chosen to Screencast their lectures, which refers to recording what appears on the computer screen (PowerPoint, or an example of something done with the computer) while being narrated by the instructor. Others have used digital video cameras or digital audio recorders and the software associated with them to record things and then upload them to iTunes U or Sakai's podcasting tool.

[edit] Creating a Podcast Content

There are lots of ways to created audio, video or screencasts content for a podcast. You may be interested in the following articles:

Please remember that you are representing Brock University very publicly when you create and publish your podcast.

[edit] Creating a Podcast

A podcast is technically comprised of audio or video files accessible via the internet and an RSS "feed" describing where to find the files, when there's updates and other meta information. The RSS component is the major distinction between a podcast and 'audio or video files on the internet'.

At Brock University podcasts can be hosted in three ways:

  1. Directly in iTunes U - You can request an iTunes U podcast here:
  2. Via Sakai's podcasting tool - This method can limit access to just a course, but only works with iTunes if the podcast it made public. Public podcasts can ultimately be added to iTunes U
  3. Via a third-party podcasting service or tool (there are many). The third-party's RSS feed can then be added to iTunes U here:

If you choose to use Sakai or third-party once you have submitted the RSS feed's URL you can update and manage your podcast from there. The following assumes you are using iTunes U directly.

[edit] Setting up your iTunes U Podcast

Once the CTLET has contacted you to let you know your request for a podcast has been approved you can log on to Brock University on iTunes U and find your podcast.

When you first access your podcast you may want to configure the following items:

[edit] Adding Content

  1. Login to Brock University on iTunes U at:
  2. Click on the podcast's title or thumbnail
  3. Upload And Manage Files
    Upload And Manage Files
    Click "Upload And Manage Files" in the Tools area at the top right. iTunes U will then display the "Upload and Manage Files" webpage in your default web browser so you can select the files to upload as well as the location where you want to upload the files.
    • In some cases you may want to click a tab to indicate the group where you want to upload the files.
  4. Click "Add New File", click "Choose File", and then select the file you want to add from your computer and open it. You will then have to wait for the file to upload.
  5. Repeat this step for each file you want to add to the podcast.
    • Once you files are added you may want to "Move", "reorder", "replace", or "delete: files, or edit metadata for files you previously added:
      • To move a file to another group, click the tab for the group where the file currently exists, select the file’s checkbox, choose Move Selected Files To from the Choose Action pop-up menu, and then choose the destination group from the pop-up menu.
      • To reorder files within a group, click the tab for the group where you want to reorder files, and then click the file’s Up or Down Triangle icon to move the file up or down one position in the list.
      • To replace a file, click the tab for the group where the file currently exists, click the Replace icon for the file you want to replace, click Choose File, and then select the new file. iTunes U displays a status indicator and begins uploading the file you selected. Replacing a file rather than deleting and uploading a new file is important if you want to save previously defined bookmarks and iTunes U popularity index entries associated with a file.
      • To delete a file, click the tab for the group where the file currently exists, and then click the file’s Delete icon. To delete multiple files at once, select the files’ checkboxes, and then choose Delete Files from the Choose Action pop-up menu.
      • To edit file metadata, click the file’s Edit icon, type a new file Name or Artist, and then click the Save icon to save your metadata changes. By default Brock University's information will be added.
  6. Click Done. This should bring you back from your web browser to iTunes.

A More detailed description, as well as Screencast of how to add content to iTunes U can be found in the article How to add content to iTunesU

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