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Intro: Group

Hi sorry for the late reply I am okay with taking any of the parts i just want to contribute and do well on this assignment. - Amanvir Sohal

Globalization (ch. 2): Joey

Political (ch. 3): Holly

Population (ch.4): Katie

Migration (ch. 5): Bianca

Social Geography (ch. 7): Katie and Joey

Cultural Geography (ch. 8): Holly and Bianca

Rough Draft/Outline of assigned chapters: November 14th

Group Meeting: November 17th

Complete Sections: December 1st

December 1st-10th: Complete Introduction, edit and clean up

  • If other group members reply will adjust accordingly

POPULATION: Katie Density and Distribution:

Composition and Change:

Future of the Shanghai Population:


[[1]] --Some information on social integration

Gender In Shanghai:

Race/Ethnicity in Shanghai:

  [[2]] --Mass Media and cosmopolitanism

Sexuality and Space in Shanghai:

  [[3]] --"queer" spaces

Power Relationships in Shanghai:

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