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[edit] GEOG 1F90 World Cities Wiki

[edit] The wikis are coming right along Have a look at Los Angeles and Barcelona....looking great you guys!

[edit] Great job on your profiles - here's Dominic's, which was outstanding: User:Dm12tv

Note: Your wiki page should include links to each student's user profile page at the top of your site, so that we can see who is working on what. To include a link to your profile, type the following [[User:YourBrockID]]


[edit] Top 40 Global Power Cities

[edit] Please claim your city from the list below (ones in red are still available). Instructions for claiming a city are found here

From the Mori Foundation's Global Power City Index, 2013:

And if you don't like any of those, here are some cities that ranked among the 2014 Youthful Cities Index (best world cities from a youth perspective). Please note that many of these cities crossover with the Global Index above, and so only those NOT on that list appear here:

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