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Welcome to Brock's Wiki server's help Wiki

This Wiki is designed to help with Wikis hosted at

If you would like to request an academic wiki please go to


[edit] About

[edit] Top Ten Articles of 48 Articles

  1. Main Page ‎(23,318 views)
  2. Sandbox ‎(20,858 views)
  3. Add Video ‎(13,690 views)
  4. Wikis In Education ‎(12,727 views)
  5. Blog ‎(11,696 views)
  6. Editing ‎(8,083 views)
  7. References ‎(6,277 views)
  8. Quick Reference ‎(5,922 views)
  9. Adding RSS feeds to wiki pages ‎(3,989 views)
  10. Navigation ‎(3,545 views)

[edit] Resources for Wiki users/contributors

  • Want to try editing a page or working with Wiki syntax? Try the Sandbox.

[edit] Resources for Wiki Administrators and Bureaucrats

[edit] How you can help

  • Write: If you know how to work with a Wiki contributing an explanation or guide to this wiki will help others become for familiar with Wiki'ing.
  • Suggest: Leave 'us' some suggestions about how our wikis should work.

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