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This page is currently under construction. If you have any suggestions please feel free to email Ashley at Apologies for any inconvenience.

Welcome to the Delirium Teaching Resources Page The aim of this page is to provide and share resources that can be used to teach students about delirium in older adults. Please feel free to add any resources you feel will be helpful.


[edit] Activities and Quizzes

Island Health in British Columbia, has several activities related to delirium:

  • Here you can download a delirium crossword with the answers: Delirium Crossword
  • Here is a short quiz that tests knowledge about the differences between delirium and dementia: 2D Quiz
  • Here is a short quiz that tests knowledge about the differences between delirium, dementia, and depression: 3D Quiz
  • Here is a pre and post learning test about delirium: Pre-post Test: Delirium in the Older Person

[edit] Best Practice Recommendations

The Registered Nurse’s Association of Ontario (RNAO) offers Best Practice Guidelines for nurses working with individuals experiencing delirium, dementia, or depression":

[edit] E-Learning

The Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario offers a free eLearning course based on the Best Practice Guidelines for Delirium, Dementia, and Depression:

  • The course can be found here: Delirium, Dementia, and Depression eLearning Course
    • This free eLearning course provides screening and care strategies, based on RNAO Best Practice Guidelines.
    • You must register for an online account in order to access the course. Anyone can register, you do not have to be a nurse.

[edit] Lecture Slides

Various PowerPoint slideshows about delirium are available on Slideshare:

  • This PowerPoint is directed at medical students but would be suitable for nursing students. It could be adapted for other health disciplines. It includes a case study: Delirum Powerpoint
  • This PowerPoint provides an in depth look at the pathophysiology of delirium. It would be suitable for any health discipline to help understanding of pathophysiology, causes, signs and symptoms: Delirium in-depth PowerPoint

[edit] Media Stories

The National Post provides a terrifying account of a patient's experience of delirium:

[edit] Online Information and Fact Sheets

Mount Sinai Hospital offers this delirium resource:

Island Health in British Columbia, has several information and factsheets related to delirium:

[edit] Print Resources

[edit] Statistical Information

[edit] Videos

[edit] Webinars

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