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Travis -

Andrew Ledin-

ak08to- Andrew Kuckyt

mh10tb- Mackenzie Hunter

[edit] notes

Can everyone add their names and emails to the discussion, just so we can organize the work and what not better.

I was thinking we could split this page into three sections: First being a brief introduction/history, probably talk about penicillin since that's the most commonly known use then become more specific with the other two sections. The other two could be techniques to extract fungal products for pharmaceuticals and the last section could be specific examples of fungi, what they're used for, how they create the substance of interest, etc. Thoughts?

Judith, can you copy and paste your section from "new page" to the main page? I would do it, but they look at the history for marking and I don't want to take your credit :P And do you have references for the info??

If anyone wants to work on processes involved I found this article that might help.

Maybe whoever added the terms that are blue and link to another site, copy those and put them in the terms and definitions section as well.

I'm working on some things related to the processes i.e. fed batch submerged fermentation of penicillin---Andrew K

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