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[edit] Talent Acquisition Recruiter (Lyndsay Summerhill)

[edit] General overview

A Talent Acquisition Recruiter (also known as Talent Acquisition Specialist, Corporate Recruiter, Hiring Specialist etc.) is responsible for the processes involved in hiring a candidate for a vacant position within a company[1]. They work within the Human Resources department and with the Talent Acquisition team screening and selecting prospective candidates. Upon selection they schedule interviews, conduct interviews with hiring managers, provide recommendations for successful candidates, check references and background information, create offer letters as well as perform various administrative tasks[2]. Common career paths taken by Talent Acquisition Recruiters with 5-10 years of experience include: HR Generalist, HR Manager, HR Director, and Senior HR Manager[3]

[edit] Job duties and responsibilities

  • Recruit prospective candidates using methods such as social media, cold calling and networking[4].
  • Compete thorough background and reference checks on all prospective candidates[4].
  • Schedule interviews with potential candidates via phone, Skype or in person.
  • Work alongside hiring managers in selecting candidates to interview, and provide the hiring manager with recommendations concerning the candidate preceding the interview[4].
  • Work with the Talent Acquisition and Human Resources team to ensure all recruitment needs are met, and all vacant positions are filled with a successful candidate[4].
  • Create and send offer letters to successful candidates including their position title, benefits package and salary.
  • Conduct interviews alongside fellow recruiters and hiring managers[4].
  • Occasionally work offsite to host recruitment career opportunities with other Talent Acquisition employees[4].
  • Screen job applications prior to selecting and interviewing candidates[4].

[edit] Typical workday

A recruiter typically works Monday to Friday fulfilling 40 hours a week, unless required to conduct interviews off site or attend recruitment events seeking prospective candidates[5]. In these situations a recruiter may fulfill more than 40 hours per week. Recruiters work within Human Resource Departments in which HR is required in all large corporations. Typically recruiters will work in an office environment within the HR department and with fellow Talent Acquisition employees to ensure productivity and flow in the hiring process. It is necessary for a recruiter to work with hiring managers of other departments to ensure the selection of a successful candidate that will fulfill the requirements of the vacant position. A central part to a recruiter’s responsibility is to network externally to seek out candidates that will represent the company. It should be noted that recruiters experience higher work demands when finalizing a job offer. This process involves creating employment contracts, and ensuring the candidate is aware of company policies. Essentially, recruiters should be comfortable with the public, and able to work with websites and media to ensure job postings are posted and experienced candidates are chosen[5].

[edit] Educational requirements and other qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field such as Psychology or Business Administration (Human Resources Management Concentration) and/or certificate in Human Resources[6].
  • 1-2 years minimum experience in Human Resources related work for entry level[6].
  • CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) Certificate recommended
  • Recruiters and all Human Resources Professionals with a CHRP, CHRL or CHRE designation must maintain their membership in the HPRA Association and meet the ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) requirement in order to maintain their designation[7].CDP requires that members obtain 66.67 hours of professional development for ever three-year CPD cycle[7]. CPD hours can be earned through leadership activities and completion of work projects or research[7].

[edit] Related skills, interests and abilities

  • Interest in social media, and networking through social media would be important as job alerts can be provided via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail.
  • Communicating and networking with people is important in finding candidates who are suitable for the position you are filling.
  • Being friendly and informative. In interviews these traits make feel comfortable and create a stress free environment.
  • Being patient is also important because interviews are often repetitive and require a minimum of an hour to conduct. Patience and friendliness are important in allowing each candidate an equal opportunity.
  • An overall interest in interacting with people is one of the most important aspects of the job as recruiters spend most of their career networking and interviewing candidates as well as working with fellow employees.

[edit] Relevance of Psychology undergraduate degree

Statistics and Behavioural Research Design in the Behavioural Sciences offered as a second year course at Brock teaches students the importance of critically thinking and using statistics to understand and problem solve. In reference to recruitment, Talent Acquisition Recruiters are responsible for creating offer letters that specify a full time employees salary, and occasionally a part time employees hourly wage including their pay periods, the amount paid and vacation pay. Recruiters that employee candidates under union legislation are required to follow salary caps and inform each employee of their salary breakdown. Critically analyzing a Collective Agreement and understanding the minimum and maximum salary caps for employees is important for the company in terms of legality and Labour laws[8].

Personality and Individual Differences is also a second year course that addresses the genetic and environmental factors that affect human functioning, essential components of psychology that a recruiter may need. While conducting interviews it is critical to address the persons positive and negative attributes, personality traits, and the potential for the traits to flourish or conflict with the environment of the organization[8].

Psychology students who have a particular interest in pursuing a career in Human Resources are able to take business electives throughout their undergraduate degree. It is important to note that enrolling in a first year Business course is a prerequisite for upper year business courses. Students who choose to take a business elective may take an Organizational Behaviour class. This course covers topics that include leadership, conflict, and organizational theory and design[9].

[edit] Salary potential

Entry level Talent Acquisition Recruiters with less than 5 years of experience typically earn between $40,000-$45,000 a year with potential for bonuses and commission[3].

Experienced recruiters with 10-20 years of experience earn an approximate annual salary of $69,000, where later career recruiters with 20+ years of experience can earn $79,000 annually[3].

Recruiters who work for larger multi-national organizations typically earn more than do recruiters from smaller organizations<ref_name="job" />. Also, recruiters who work in larger geographical locations tend to earn more than fellow employees working in remote locations[6].

Overall, it is projected that Talent Acquisition Recruiters earn $45,511 annually, as people in this position typically do not have more than 10 years of experience and follow other HR career paths[3].

[edit] Job outlook

Human Resources jobs have been listed on Randstad’s 2014 Hot Jobs list and surveys report that 62% of corporations are hiring for HR jobs when there are more than 25,000 employees in that organization[10]. It is reported that employment for recruiters will increase by 7% percent by the year 2022, which is comparable to the rate of growth for other occupations[10].

[edit] To know more

To know more about the requirements, salaries, and potential career paths taken by Talent Acquisition Recruiters see Pay Scale. Human Capital

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