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[edit] Why save as a Web Page?

Saving as a Web Page will allow students to navigate your presentation as a slide show. You need no extra software to save as a web page.

There are many problems though: Microsoft uses their own version of the HTML standard (onlder versions use IE only HTML, newer versions use MHTL which does not work well with frames). There are many thigns to configure when making a web page out of a PowerPoint document and the best settings for compatability also create 50+ files for you to upload. We recommend PowerPoint:PDF:PC.

[edit] Creating The Web Page

Save as Web Page
Save as Web Page
  • Open your PowerPoint presentation.
  • From the 'File' menu choose 'Save as Web Page'
  • This will open a window known as a �Save Dialogue�. Select a location on your hard drive, one that you will be able to find later, and give the file a name you will remember (do not use spaces or special characters).
Publish options
Publish options
  • Publish options: Many web browsers (like older IE) are unable to view the Web Pages published by PowerPoint. To correct this use the oddly placed button labelled "Publish".
  • 'Publish' will display a window that allows you to have your PowerPoint presentation supported by all browsers - this window is different in every version of PowerPoint, so remember that you want All browsers to be able to view this document.

[edit] Zip the file and Upload it to WebCT

You also have the option to use WebDAV. WebDAV might work best.

Once you have made the WebDAV connection simply drag the irectory/folder that you just saved your PowerPoint presentation as into the WebDAV folder.

Mac's OS X comes with "StuffIt Expander," however the standard version that comes with the Mac OS can not compress files, only extract (if you do have the Drop Zip program all you have to do is drag the folder you made when you saved your presentation on to the icon).

If you don't have the full version of StuffIT you can download ZipIt from the Apple Web site. With ZipIt you will be able to compress files as shown bellow. Anyone know of something better than ZipIt that is free? - Edit away!

Once you have installed your zipping software locate it on your Desktop and run it. This should open a window that will allow you to create a ZIP file.

Using ZipIt

  • Go to the "Zip" menu and select "Add".
  • Locate the directory/folder that you saved your files under.
  • Once you have added your PowerPoint files select the "File" menu and choose "Save". Save your Zip file in a place you can find it in and give it a name that dose not use special characters or spaces.

[edit] Uploading Your Documents

Obviously, you will have to log in to WebCT ( and enter into your course. You can add your PDF file on the Course Content Home or go inside a Folder to save it inside that Folder.

Get Files
Get Files
My Computer Icon is Loading, Please be patient
My Computer Icon is Loading, Please be patient
Add File Dialog
Add File Dialog
  • A pop-up dialog box will open
  • Wait until the My Computer icon appears. If after 90 seconds, it does not appear you may need to update your Java.
  • Once the My Computer icon appears, click on it to choose files from your computer
  • Locate the file from the location you saved it on your hard drive
  • You can use the Shift or Ctrl keys to select up to 10 files to upload at once
  • Click Open
  • An upload file status window will let you know how your upload is progressing. Depending on the speed of your connection and the size of your file(s), this may take a while.

[edit] Adding the Web Page

Your Web Page needs to be stored somewhere like a Single Page or a Content Module - we will assume that you have created a Content Module already, if you have not please follow the Content Module link and then return to this step.

Add File
Add File
  • Click on your Content Module's icon (often a "little blue backpack'). Once you have entered the Content Module ensure that you are in 'Designer View' and select 'Add File'. You will be presented with a selection of files to choose from, these will all be files that end in .htm or .html
File upload window
File upload window
  • Your file will not be in the list of files as it has yet to be uploaded to WebCT, thus you want to press 'Browse'. This will launch the WebCT File Browser.
  • Find the folder which contains your presentation.
  • Check-off the main file for your presenation. Depending on the initial template you chose, when you link to the presentation you might have to select �frame.htm� or the "vt3_document.htm", whichever is present.
  • Finish with this window by pressing 'Add selected'.
  • Your file should now be in the 'Filename:' list and selected.
  • Press Add and you are done.

You change the title by pressing 'Edit Titles' which is found on the right of the screen.

Remember when you are done using a Content Module you must 'Update Student View'.

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