As of July 31st 2009 WebCT was no longer available at Brock University. Learn more about Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS here. This wiki is available for others using WebCT Vista & CE versions 6 through 8 but is not maintained by Brock University.

Getting Help

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This is Brock University specific content
This is Brock University specific content


[edit] Help at Brock for Students

Students on-campus should visit a computer lab and a Lab Advisor. Students can also contact the ITS Help Desk at:

[edit] Help at Brock for Instructors

If you are a Instructor and have any questions about how to design and develop your courses please contact the CTLET at or extension 4734.

The CTLET provides one-on-one consultations and phone and E-Mail support. The CTLET also does regular workshops in August and for small groups on request.

[edit] General Help

[edit] The help button

WebCT provides some very good context-specific help that has improved with every revision of the product. Just click the help link in the top right of any WebCT page.

[edit] Really hard questions: Ask Dr. C.

Even the pros have to ask Dr. C. Dr. C. is WebCT Inc.'s information resource. Dr. C can be found at

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