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Laurier Brantford is a satellite campus of Wilfrid Laurier University located in Brantford, Ontario. The main campus is located in Waterloo, Ontario.[1]


[edit] History

Laurier Brantford opened its doors in 1999 with a total of only 39 students in its inaugural year.[2] As of 2011, over 2,200 students were enrolled at the school.[3] Laurier Brantford's main building is the Carnegie building on George Street.[4] The campus has since expanded and has several academic and residence buildings. It is anticipated that by 2014, the full-time enrolment equivalent will be almost 4,500, and a long-range projection of 15,000.[5]

[edit] Acedemics

[edit] Curriculum

Laurier Brantford's curriculum is built around Contemporary Studies, an innovative program designed to educate students for a world in which change is the only constant. Most arts degrees emphasize the study of a particular discipline; in contrast, Contemporary Studies promotes a broader understanding of contemporary issues and more broadly applicable cultural literacy, creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.[6]

[edit] Programs Offered

Laurier Brantford focuses it's offerings on Bachelor of Arts degree programs. These Bachelor of Arts degree programs include: Contemporary Studies, Criminology, English, Health Studies, History, Health Administration, Human Rights and Diversity, Journalism, Concurrent Education, Law and Society, Leadership, Psychology, and Youth and Children’s Studies. Besides Bachelor of Arts degree programs, Laurier Brantford also offers a Bachelor of Social work and a Bachelor of Business Technology Management degree programs.[7]

In addition to the core program, Laurier Brantford offers Honours programs in Criminology, Health Administration, Health Studies, Journalism, Law and Society, Leadership; combination Honours degrees in English, History, Human Rights and Human Diversity and Psychology; a concurrent education program with Nipissing University; a selection of Arts programs; and College/University programming.[8]

Every program is offered full-time, although some programs can be taken online and through part-time studies at Laurier Brantford. This makes studying easier for students who require a flexible schedule.[9]

[edit] Library

The biggest challenge faced by Laurier Brantford was to create a library that was as good as Laurier's main campus' library. They were able to give their students this same level of quality by partnering with the Brantford Public Library. The library service that is offered to students is a joint service and offers students many resources for success in their studies. Both virtual and physical copies of material are available to students through the joint service.


[edit] Student Life

[edit] Residences

As of the 2012-2013 academic year, Laurier Brantford has nine residence communities[11]:

  • Grand River Hall
  • Post House
  • Rizzo Building
  • Wilkes House
  • Lawyer's Hall
  • Lucy Marco Place
  • Imperial Hall
  • 142 Nelson Street
  • Expositor Place

[edit] Students' Union

The Students' Union is funded by undergraduate student fees, and all students are automatically members of the Students' Union. Their mission is to enhance the holistic student experience at the university by providing innovative resources and effective representation within a safe and empowering campus community. [12] The Students' Union provides a number of services for students, including bus passes, Direct2U Prescription, emergency response team, food bank, foot patrol, health and dental, the member card, peer help line, student life line, and tech share. [13] The Wilfred Laurier University Students' Union Clubs and Associations department supports over 130 clubs and associations; and involves the participation of over 3,000 students. The Clubs and Associations department supports all clubs by offering resources and financial support as well as acting as a liaison to the Students' Union and the administration. [14] [15]

[edit] Student Affairs

Laurier Brantford offers a Student Affairs page to help encourage students to become involved within the school and their community. This page includes Athletics and Recreation, Residential Services, Student Support, Academic Support, and Student Life. They also offer a Twitter and Facebook page for Laurier Brantford students to connect. [16]

Laurier Brantford Rainbow Alliance exists as a support system that promotes awareness, acceptance, and advocacy for the LGBTQ community and its allies. They are dedicated to creating a postive campus experience for everyone with no assumptions and in which all individuals are encouraged to be themselves without fear of judgement or discrimination. The Rainbow Alliance operates out of the Diversity Lounge, which provides students with a safe place to get student-provided information and support for the LGBTQ community, as well as an assumption-free area for students to do homework, group work, or just hang out between classes.[17]

[edit] Athletics

Template:Main The Athletic department runs in correlation with Laurier's main campus in Waterloo.[18] As proud Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks, students at the Brantford campus are welcome to participate in intramurals or the varsity teams. Varsity teams include those in Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Cross Country, Curling, Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, and Volleyball, Men’s Baseball, Football and Golf, Women’s Field Lacrosse, Figure Skating and Tennis, and Co-ed Cheerleading.[19]

[edit] Contact Information

Laurier Brantford Mailing Address: 73 George Street Brantford, ON N3T 2Y3

Telephone: 519.756.8228 Fax: 519.759.2127 [20]

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