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Why cant I see my course

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[edit] Using the Sites drawer

If the tab for your course has disappeared there's a good chance site is accessible from the Sites drawer at the top right of Isaak-Sakai. Image:Sites-shadow.png Press the star icon to add sites to your list of favorites.

If you'd like to change the order in which the courses/tabs appear or hide some of your courses/tabs, you can do so in the Sites area under Preferences'. More information can be found in the article Preferences Overview.

Other reasons that you might not see a course:

  • Students may not see a course because the course has yet to be published/activated by the instructor.
  • The site may have yet to be requested by the instructor.
  • Instructors: If you have mistakenly demoted yourself or removed yourself from a course please contact the CPI

[edit] How do I hide or remove a course/tab?

Add/remove from favorites
Add/remove from favorites
You can control which sites are listed in your Favorites (top red bar in non-mobile view) by adding or removing the star icon to the left of each site in the Sites drawer.
How to hide course/tab
How to hide course/tab

If you'd like to change the order in which the course/tabs appear, or hide some of your course/tabs you can do so in the Organize Favorites area of the Sites drawer (top right).

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