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Apple Inc. Safari web browser is cautious about sharing information with sites that are not located at the destination in the users' current address bar. Exceptions are made for sites the user has visited in the past. This caution is technically expressed in the sharing of "cookies" with other websites.

This can be an issue with some of the videos posted to Isaak-Sakai privately through the Echo 360 integration.

The most up to date information on using Safari with echo360 can be accessed at: Safari Recommended Browser Configuration. The information below may no longer be accurate.

[edit] Viewing Embeded Videos from Echo 360 videos

Students and Instructors using Apple's Safari web browser can ensure that they can access videos posted privately in Isaak-Sakai by completing either of these two steps:

OSX Safari Privacy settings to allow cookies at third-party sites
OSX Safari Privacy settings to allow cookies at third-party sites
  • Let Safari know where you're going. This may need to be repeated on subsequent visits to Sakai.
    • Follow this link to .
    • Simply visiting this site is enough to indicate your trust to Safari.
  • Modify Safari's Settings Longerterm solution.
    1. OSX: Confirm in Safari's Preferences under the Privacy tab that the Cookies and website data setting is set to "Allow from websites I visit" is set
    2. Mobile Safari (iPhone and iPad):
      Safari privacy settings for iOS 13
      Safari privacy settings for iOS 13
      1. Launch the separate Settings app for all of iOS,
      2. Choose Safari
      3. In the Privacy & Security disable "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking"
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