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Is this an opportunity to integrate another site into Isaak/Sakai?

The Sakai Podcasting tool is simple to use and allows for the private and public distribution of podcasts. You may consider submitting your course's podcast to Brock University's iTunes U site. Or, if the podcast is to have a longer life than the duration of one course, you may want to host the whole podcast on iTunes U. More information is available at

Options like the Resources tool and the Web Content tool's ability to add links and RSS integration of the News tool offer opportunity to integrate sites from the broader web into Brock University courses.

More information can be found in category Integrate other sites.

Sakai Podcasting Tool
Sakai Podcasting Tool
The Sakai Podcasts tool allows site managers to create, store and distribute multimedia content to site participants.

Podcast content can take many different forms (audio lectures, videos, and slideshow presentations), and can be accessed on any computer with software that plays audio, video or graphic file formats. In other words, it is not necessary to own an iPod or other portable digital audio player to use Podcasted materials. To access the Podcast tool login to Sakai and click Podcasts from the Menubar


[edit] Adding a Podcast

  • Click the Add link, located near the top.
  • In the Choose a file field, click Browser to find the podcast.
  • In the new window, navigate to the podcast file and click Open.

Special note: If the content is intended to be available to personal music devices, such as iPods and MP3 players, then the podcast will need to be in a format that is generally readable by portable devices. Generally, this is MP3 for audio, MPG for video. You can also Podcast any other kind of file, including Powerpoint presentations, Word and Excel documents, Images, etc.

  • In the Publish Date/Time field, type a date or click the Calendar icon to choose a Publish date. If the date is in the future,

the Podcast will not be accessible until that time.

  • The podcast file has been added to the site’s Resources, in the Podcasts folder. Note that date, time, title and description are displayed.
  • If you are the site owner, you may see links that allow you to delete the entry or revise its title and information.
  • Non‐owners may use the Download link to download the podcast here.
  • At the top of the page is a paragraph about subscribing your podcast to Podcatcher. For more information about Podcatchers and subscribing to updates, see below.

[edit] Subscribing to Podcast Updates using the URL supplied by the Podcasts Tool

A podcatcher is a program like iTunes that can automatically download podcasts as they are posted. Using information provided in the Sakai Podcasts tool, you can set up iTunes (or another multimedia player) to receive automatic updates from podcasts posted to Sakai sites. iTunes is a popular podcatcher, but it is not the only software available for this purpose. iTunes is available for both Windows and Macintosh, at

[edit] Copying the URL from the Podcasts Tool

  • Click the Podcasts tool.
  • Under Podcasts, you see “Subscribe now by copying this RSS feed address and pasting it into your favorite podcatcher.”
  • Press and drag to highlight the URL. Copy it to the Clipboard.

[edit] Downloading or subscribing to a podcast

Using the Podcasts tool, you can download individual podcasts or subscribe to an RSS feed. Downloading individual podcasts

[edit] To download an individual podcast

To see a list of podcasts, in your site's menubar, click Podcasts.

Find the podcast you want, and under its title, click Download. Note: Podcasts are listed in order by date published.

When prompted, you may choose to open the file or save it to your computer.

[edit] Subscribing to podcasts

To subscribe to an RSS feed of podcasts for your site, copy and paste the RSS feed URL into your podcatcher application.

[edit] Subscribing to the site’s podcasts using Apple iTunes

  • Open iTunes on your computer (see the “Subscribing to Podcast Updates using the URL supplied by the Podcasts Tool”

above if you do not have it already installed.)

  • In the Library section on the left, click Podcasts.
  • To subscribe to Podcasts available from Sakai, from the Menu bar click Advanced, then click Subscribe to Podcast. A dialog box appears, with a URL field.
  • Past the URL into the field and click OK.
  • You will see a spinning icon that tells you iTunes is downloading. The circular icon next to the title means that it is in a folder containing Podcasts.
  • To see inside and view the Podcasts, click the disclosure triangle gadget next to the circle icon.
  • To listen to the podcast, double‐click the title.

iTunes is set by default to check for new episodes daily. You can manually check for new episodes as well. To check for new episodes manually, click the folder title and click the Refresh button. You can change the frequency with which iTunes checks for updates by clicking the Settings button.

[edit] Editing information about the RSS feed in Podcasts

In Podcasts, to change the title and description of the RSS feed:

From your site's menubar, click Podcasts.

Under the RSS feed URL, click Edit.

You can change the title and description of the RSS feed, which will be available to your site participants through their podcatcher applications.

When you're finished, click Save Changes.

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Indiana University Oncourse Help

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