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Messages is a communication tool that allows site participants to communicate using internal course mail. Messaging between groups is also supported.


[edit] Viewing new messages

Unread messages are in bold; viewed messages are permanently marked as read. By default, messages are listed chronologically, but you can select the By Conversation view to display messages in indented threads.

[edit] Viewing sent messages

Sent messages can be found in the "Sent" folder.

[edit] Composing messages

Recipients can be selected from the provided list by individual, or multiple recipients by selecting each one while holding the The control key, or ctrl key, is normally found on the bottom corners of a PC keyboard, beside the alt keys on Windows, The command key, located beside the space bar on an Apple Inc. keyboard.  Often used as the equivalent to the Window's "ctrl" key. on a Mac button down, or by entire role (students,TAs,instructors).

Text Editor Tips

Click Here

This tool makes use of the Sakai Text Editor.

Our Text Editor article includes a number of tips including how to add images or paste content from MS Word.

A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface allows rich text, plain text, and HTML editing. You can also add attachments.

Message priority: You can set priority levels for messages to distinguish important messages from others.

[edit] Searching Messages

To search for text in a message:

In your site's menubar, click Messages.

Click the folder you wish to search.

Next to "Search for text:", enter your search terms in the text box, and then click Search. The standard search will look for your terms in the subject line of the messages in the selected folder. Searches are case sensitive.

To modify the search parameters, click Advanced Search and check the appropriate box(es). Available parameters are: Subject: The subject line of the message Authored By: Who sent the message Body: The body of the message Label: The label associated with the message Date Range: The date range in which the message was sent

Search parameters in advanced searches will remain checked for subsequent searches until you clear them. To clear a search, click Clear Search.

To end an advanced search, click Normal Search.

[edit] Auto Forwarding Messages

The "Settings" area of the Messages tool
The "Settings" area of the Messages tool

You can have your messages automatically sent to any E-Mail address by following these steps:

  • In Messages click Settings
  • Change "Auto Forward Messages:" from No to Yes
  • Enter your full E-Mail address in the field marked "Email address for forwarding:"
  • Press "Save Settings"

[edit] Video

YouTube/Podcast - Site Info

Find more videos for instructors at the Welcome To Sakai Webinar article, or look in the Video Category

[edit] Things to consider

Privacy Concern

This tool can disclose the names of other participants inside the same course or site. Please consider student privacy before you turn this tool on.

The list of potential message recipients is a full listing of active individuals in the course that individuals cannot opt out of.

Please consider the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and Brock University's own privacy policies. You can learn more at

  • Using Messages, you can send messages to another individual, a select number of individuals, or a select number of groups.
  • Messages you send using the To Recipients' Email Address(es) option are sent directly to participants' email addresses and are not stored in the Messages area.

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