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When you view a portfolio you have created, the middle section of the display contains comments that have been left for you to see. (You cannot see comments that were left by someone else and marked as private.) The Comments section looks something like this: Each comment has a header in boldface type. The header includes the following:

  • The word "public," "shared," or "private," indicating whether everyone, you and the person who left the comment, or only you can view the comment.
  • The name of the person who left this comment
  • The date and time the comment was left
  • One or more links with which you can manage this comment. Using these links you may delete the comment or change the audience that is permitted to view it.

The next line or lines contain the comment itself. To manage a comment, take any of these steps:

  1. Delete it by clicking the Delete link in the header. Sakai deletes the comment immediately. Caution: Be sure you want

to delete a comment before clicking Delete. Sakai does not display a delete verification window before deleting the comment.

  1. Change the audience to include only yourself and the person who left the comment by clicking the make shared link. Change the audience to include everyone by clicking the make public link.
  2. For a comment you have left, change the audience to private by clicking the make private link.

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