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Getting started in a Continuing Teacher Education Course

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Checklist for getting started


[edit] For Students:

  1. You have registered for the course via https://my.brocku.ca
  2. It has been at least 2 business days since you registered and you can see that you are registered under "My Courses"
  3. You have obtained your campus ID and password
    • Please note, your campus ID is NOT your student number. Once you have activated your account with your student number you should only use your campus ID.
    • Your campus ID is 6 digit alphanumeric and follows the pattern: ab10xy
    • Your student number is 7 digit numeric
    • Example: Wendy Darling started Brock in 2010. Her student number is 4844556 and her campus ID is wd10bu.
    • If you need to find out your campus ID, login to https://my.brocku.ca and go to 'My Profile' and check 'Account Summary'
  4. You can successfully login to https://my.brocku.ca with your campus ID and password
  5. Once you are logged in, you can see the tab with your course number
  6. Click on this tab to access your content

[edit] I can see my course, now what?

  • Create a folder for your work in this course in a location where you will find it, for example My Documents or the Desktop.
  • Click on the Announcement tool to see if there are any messages from your instructor
  • Check the roster tool to see who your classmates and instructors are
  • Click on the Resources tool and open the file called Modules.html (for AQ courses) or the PDF Session Guide (ADED)
  • Read through all the introductory sections and write down any questions you may have
  • Click on the Forums tool to see the list of topics you will be discussing with your colleagues
    • Usually your first posting will be to write an paragraph about yourself to introduce yourself to your colleagues and instructor(s).
      • Write this using your word processor and save in your course folder
      • Copy and paste into
  • Click on Assignments to see assessments that you will be required to submit to the instructor
  • TIP: Back up your documents often. It's a good idea to have a USB key, (also known as a thumb drive)

[edit] I'm an Additional Qualifications or Adult Education student having difficulty, whom do I contact?

[edit] I'm having difficulty, whom do I contact?

  • For registration issues in Education, contact Admissions at aqaded@brocku.ca or 905-688-5550 ext. 3158
  • For all other registration issues, contact Admissions at admissions@brocku.ca
  • For technical support, contact HelpDesk at helpdesk@brocku.ca or 905-688-5550 ext. 4357
  • Technical Telephone Support is available for https://my.brocku.ca and Isaak-Sakai after hours

[edit] Toll Free long distance:

  • 1-877-244-2209

[edit] HelpDesk hours:

  • Monday-Friday 7:30am - 10:00pm EST
  • Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm EST.

[edit] Niagara Region:

  • 905-688-5550 x 4357 (M-F 8:30-4:30 EST)
  • After hours at (905-688-5550 x 5687)
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