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[edit] Tools in Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS

  • Image:House.png Home Description of the project, recent announcements, discussion, and chat items.
  • Image:Flag blue.png Announcements For posting current, time-critical information.
  • Image:Page edit.png Assignments For posting, submitting and grading assignment(s) online.
  • Image:Book edit.png Class Blog A blogging tool
  • Image:Contact Us.png Contact Us
  • Image:User comment.png Chat Room For real-time conversations in written form.
  • Image:Folder page.png Drop Box Allows instructors and students to share documents within a private folder for each student.
  • Image:Comments.png Forums Tool for asynchronous discussions
  • Image:Lessons-icon.png Lessons Lessons is a tool that allows an instructor to organize resources, activities, and media on a single page. It is the best place to add instructional content in Isaak-Sakai.
  • Image:Report.png Gradebook A new, feature rich version of the classic Gradebook tool.
  • Image:Report.png Gradebook Classic For storing and computing assessment grades from Tests & Quizzes or that are manually entered.
  • Image:Group.png Membership Displays all the sites currently involved in as well as allowing users to browse through a list of joinable sites.
  • Image:Comment.png Messages Display messages to/from users of a particular site -- Inter-Sakai-E-Mail
  • Image:News tool icon.png News For viewing content from online sources.
  • Image:Ipod cast.png Podcasts For managing individual podcast and podcast feed information.
  • Image:Chart bar.png Polls For anonymous polls or voting
  • Image:Database table.png Post'Em For uploading .csv formatted file to display feedback (e.g., comments, grades) to site participants.
  • Image:Folder.png Resources For posting documents, URLs to other websites, etc.
  • Image:Group.png Roster For viewing the site participants list.
  • Image:Calendar.png Schedule A calendar for posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.
  • Image:Group add.png Sign-up Create meetings for site members to sign-up for.
  • Image:Application lightning.png Site Info For showing modifying site information, adding and removing site participants and managing groups.
  • Image:Chart bar.png Statistics Site Stats allows you to view user statistics for your site.
  • Image:Pencil.png Tests and Quizzes For creating and taking online tests and quizzes.
  • Image:Page world.pngWeb Content For accessing an external website within the site.
  • Image:Page world.pngTurningPoint Clickers A tool that can help manage your Turning Technology clicker usage in Sakai.
  • Image:Page world.pngVideos A tool to allow you and your students to upload and share multimedia content.

[edit] How to add tools in Sakai

Using the Site Info tool, you can add, edit, or remove the tools on the menubar. To do so, follow the steps below:

Click the image above to view large image of the Manage Tools interface
Click the image above to view large image of the Manage Tools interface
  1. In your site, from the menubar on the left, click Site Info.
  2. Click Manage Tools from the grey menu across the top.
  3. Check the boxes next to the tools that you wish to add to your menubar; uncheck the box if you are removing a tool.
  4. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
    • If you're adding the Lessons, News or Web Content tools, the Customize Tools screen will provide you a chance to make certain changes such as adding a title. When you're finished, click Continue.
  5. On the confirmation screen, you will see a list of your site's tools and any changes you've made. If the list is accurate, click Finish.

[edit] Other Tools

Other articles about Isaak/Sakai's tools and how instructors can use them:

Core Tools:   Image:Flag blue.png Announcements | Image:Page edit.png Assignments | Image:Lessons-icon.png Lessons | Image:Comments.png Forums | Image:Report.png Gradebook | Image:Folder.png Resources | Image:Calendar.png Schedule | Image:Pencil.png Tests and Quizzes

More Tools:   Image:User comment.png Chat Room | Image:Folder page.png Drop Box | Image:House.png Home | Image:Comment.png Messages | Image:Chart bar.png Statistics | Image:Page world.png Web Content

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