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Calculating Final Grades

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The Sakai Gradebook can calculate final marks by raw addition or by weighting.

It is important to keep in mind that if a student has earned a zero on an item in the Gradebook an instructor must enter that zero. If the item is left blank, or null, then that item will not be weighted against that student as the final grade is tallied thought the courses. Blank, or null, items will not be weighted against students as a zero until the instructor clicks Calculate Course Grades in the Course Grades section of the Gradebook.

Instructors may wish to review article Common errors calculating grades.

[edit] Calculate Final Marks by Weight

This is done by the instructor going into:

  • "Gradebook Setup" option along the top menu of the Gradebook
  • In the "Categories & Weighting" section check-off "Categories & Weighting".
  • The instructor will then be asked to add each category of the courses (ie. Tests, Weekly Quizzes, Final Exam, etc) until the weights add up to 100%.
  • Next the instructor should return to the "Gradebook Items" menu and create each item and assign the items to a category or edit the exiting items and assign them a category.
  • Once each item is released to students and marked as to be included in the final mark the final grade average will be updated.

[edit] Example

Example of weighting for ITAL1F00D01FW2008LEC001
Example of weighting for ITAL1F00D01FW2008LEC001

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