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Screen shot of the Announcements tool
Screen shot of the Announcements tool

Announcements are used to inform site participants of current items of interest. Announcements can have multiple attachments, including documents and URLs. It is possible to draft and save an announcement before sending it out to site participants or posting it on the site. Announcements appear in a list when you are in the Announcements Tool. They also appear on the home page of each course or project site. Site owners and instructors can choose to have an announcement automatically emailed to all of the site participants by using the "required notification" setting shown below.


[edit] Creating/adding an announcement

Permissions and roles

To complete the procedures in this article, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. This often excludes Students and TAs by default. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles.

For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles.

Text Editor Tips

Click Here

This tool makes use of the Sakai Text Editor.

Our Text Editor article includes a number of tips including how to add images or paste content from MS Word.

To create/add an announcement:

  1. In your site's menubar, click Announcements.
  2. On the Announcements screen, near the top, click Add.
  3. In the text box next to "Announcement title", type the subject of your announcement.
  4. In the text box under "Body", use the Text Editor to create and format the body of your announcement.
    At this point if your annoucement is ready to be sent please skip to step 9.
  5. Under "Access", select how to display your announcement by choosing from these options:
    • Display to public: Visible to members of other sites
    • Display to site: Visible to site participants only
    • Display to selected groups: Visible only to certain sections or groups. Use the checkboxes to choose which groups or sections can view the announcement.
      Note: If you don't see the Display to selected groups option, no groups or sections are associated with your site; see Managing groups.
  6. Under "Availability", select Show to release your announcement or Hide to hide it, or select Specify Dates, and then select a beginning date and ending date for the file's visibility.
    Note: If you choose to specify dates, any email notifications will be sent out on the specified beginning date.
  7. Under "Attachments", you can attach a file from your local computer or from Resources, or specify the URL for a file on the web. For instructions, see Options for adding attachments.
  8. You can choose to have your announcement emailed to participants in addition to being posted. From the Email Notification drop-down list, select the appropriate option:
    • If you do not want the announcement emailed, choose None - No notification (the default setting).
    • If you want to send it only to those participants who have chosen to receive low-priority mail notifications, choose Low - Only participants who have opted in.
    • If you want all participants to receive it, choose High - All participants.
      Note: Participants can choose whether they want to receive all announcements or only high-priority announcements.
  9. To post your announcement, click Add Announcement. To preview your announcement, click Preview. To cancel, click Cancel.

[edit] Editing an announcement

To edit an announcement:

  1. In the menubar of the relevant course or project site, click Announcements.
  2. Under your announcement's subject, click Edit.
    Note: If you don't have sufficient rights to edit a particular announcement, you will not see the option to revise it. Also, you can edit only one announcement at a time.
  3. Make the desired changes to your announcement.
  4. After editing, click Save Changes to save your changes, Preview to preview your announcement, or Cancel to cancel your changes.

[edit] Deleting an announcement

To delete one or more announcements:

  1. In the menubar of the relevant course or project site, click Announcements.
  2. Under "Remove?", check the box(es) next to the announcement(s) you want to delete.
    Note: If you don't have sufficient rights to delete a particular announcement, you will not see a box next to its title.
  3. Click the Update button.
  4. On the confirmation screen, click Remove to remove the announcement or Cancel to cancel the removal.

[edit] Video

YouTube/Podcast - Announcements

Find more videos for instructors at the Welcome To Sakai Webinar article, or look in the Video Category

[edit] Things to consider

Issue: Delayed announcements are emailed immediately when E-Mail alert is selected.

This is a known issue and the Sakai Project has been notified and the bug is believed to have been resolved.

More information can be found here:

Issue: The update to Sakai CLE 2.8 also brought with it a bug in the Announcements tool that affects the order of announcements. Brock University and the broader Sakai community are working through these issues, but at the moment the problem has only been partially mitigated.

This is a known issue and the Sakai Project has been notified and the bug is believed to have been resolved.

More information can be found here:

  • The announcements tool can be an effective way to send an E-Mail to all or some students in a course. When adding an announcement it is placed in the course site as notification and as a record, but if the priority at the bottom of the Add dialog is set to High an E-Mail copy will be sent as well.
  • Announcement messages are typically of a of a "broadcast" nature. Individual responses to the instructor are not expected.

Indiana University Oncourse Help

This article is based on the equivalent Sakai help article created by Indiana University found at:

All respective sources used are under a free-for-reuse license and additional permission has been obtained.

More articles can be found in the Category:Announcements

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