Plenary discussion: Synthesizing our Learning

From Redefining/E-Defining Brock: A Symposium on e-Learning

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[edit] Maureen Connolly:

  • training
  • civility
  • reward is important
  • teaching is not rewarded, why would this be any different
  • in particular support is critical
  • standby support for when courses are offered online

[edit] David Hughes:

  • (at the table - the digital student)
  • support of design of course
  • technology does not drive what we do, should be pedagogy

[edit] Phillip Wright:

  • interesting thing happening between pedagogy and technology
  • that is why we are here
  • solid for pedagogy

[edit] Ed Sternin:

  • back to Socrates
  • fundamentally
  • transfer and inheritance of knowledge
  • reading
  • modelling of correct behaviour
  • how to solve a problem, that we don't know is a problem yet
  • not about creating an egocentric
  • science teaching is anonymous
  • i don't care about who's name is attached, the idea itself is important
  • oral or electronic
  • not the transfer of knowledge
  • 10,000 hours
  • biological how long it takes our brain to do something

[edit] Sharon Abbey:

  • five or six types of pedagogy
  • small group, large group, discussion, new technology

[edit] John Lye:

  • from institutional support table with Jill Grose
  • fact that currently our whole system is very fragmented
  • silo - what's happening where
  • don't know what's happening
  • priority of this dean
  • in order to get things moving
  • need a desilo centre
  • to bring information together
  • to assert priorities
  • to distribute funds
  • needs some leadership & funding
  • wasting money with repetition
  • not doing things as effectively
  • number of questions re: make us more efficient, improve pedagogy
  • elearning as fundraiser
  • elearning apply to our courses in house
  • DE allow people from outside
  • adaptation or modification
  • cannot allow people to pop in and take a course
  • Marketing
  • even within the system, we have courses entirely online
  • could take it if they knew what courses are entirely online
  • just a little thing that would be helpful
  • need for making available software (site licences) for things
  • centralized enough so we know what people are doing
  • who pays for this
  • what rewards come back to the faculty
  • generate money for the university, how does that come back
  • planning and leadership
  • strategic plan
  • if develop a course, using institutional resources, who owns the course
  • giving support, all that has to be resolved
  • give someone a course release, who has the right to ownership

[edit] Jon Radue

  • Intellectual property of other people
  • copyright issues
  • need copyright clearance
  • training of teaching assistants, facilitators in a different way of leading a seminar
  • access to libraries for distance students
  • access for students for exams

[edit] Candace Figg

  • pedagogy with students coming in with these experiences
  • brainstorming with strategies
  • robust discussion
  • we don't have a forum
  • share experiences

[edit] Barry Joe:

  • redefining students age
  • cannot do in a vacuum
  • reconceptualize our role as faculty
  • as well as the institution
  • irish monastic vs facebook
  • old hierarchies and power structures
  • authority students invest in
  • push pull technology
  • collaboration
  • democratizing technology
  • who are we as professors
  • what we and the students comprise in the universities

[edit] Philip Wright:

  • standing think tank
  • rethinking
  • as we think about these new modes of collaboration
  • begin by having a symposium like this more than once a decade

[edit] Library Table:

  • library happy to hear about
  • tuesday april 20
  • link will be on library website
  • come to workshop on copyright next week
  • can help you maximize your resources
  • how to integrate resources more closely into Isaak
  • Scholar's portal- complete workshop
  • explore the resource
  • e-book platform
  • future plans
  • stats can
  • kevin manuel
  • etc
  • policies about digital rights
  • government talking about legislation
  • access copyright runs out this term
  • involved in a pilot project- interlibrary loan - print it out
  • now will be doing things electronically
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