Inquiry-based Learning and Google Wave

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[edit] Dr. Barry Joe

  • Started in 19th-century German literature, now teaches video game theory and narrative and the poetics of video games
  • Barry embodies the old and new
  • things to think about
  • elearning must be based in pedagogy not technology
  • emphasis in elearning must be on learning and not on content delivery modes
  • new wave of technology, impulse sometimes to force it into our class
  • paradigm shift in faculty and institutional self-perception
  • Barry blogs and sometimes students respond on their own blogs; calls it oblique communication
  • example: students in a course not engaged in inquiry-based learning, critical pedagogy
  • beliefs about student-centred learning was misplaced? See Barry's blog entry in Within The Grove
  • then received a response in a student blog, in An Open Letter to Prof. Barry Joe
    • explaining the experience so far
    • but says education now feels less like a long hallway but more like a large room with many doors to be opened
    • student suggests her generation is silent because it has been so long since they have been asked to speak
  • this was a reaffirmation that critical pedagogy/student-centred pedagogy is important
  • need to understand our students in light of these kinds of comments from students themselves
  • adapt our pedagogies to pull students out of exile into which traditional environments/institutional power hierarchies have put them (paradigm shift in faculty and institutional self-perception)
  • only then, should we engage technologies that support, enhance, facilitate and enable our pedagogies
  • remember- a fool with a tool is still a fool
  • showed a video about Google Wave (YouTube)
  • example inquiry statement
  • students got together did a computer collab, some did email, some did F2F
  • some did Google Wave, showed examples
  • critical pedagogy includes listening to and trusting students
  • contact Barry if you want a Google Wave invite
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