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What is a podcast?

Podcasts are designed to be episodic, and are not ideal for single items.

A podcast is free audio or video content which is delivered to its subscribers automatically and can be listened to at the listener’s convenience. Many listeners choose to have this content automatically added to their iPod/iPhone/iPad, which is where the name originated, but any Mac or Windows computer with speakers is all that is really needed. Apple's music player and music store, iTunes is credited as catalyzing podcastings staggering growth and adoption achieved largely through ubiquity and ease of use that has thus for not been the norm on the internet.

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About Brock University on iTunes U

Student Development Centre consultation while reviewing a podcast
Student Development Centre consultation while reviewing a podcast

In 2014 Brock University began the process of exiting iTunes U. Copies of previously posted content are available on request from the CPI

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An article about iTunes U coming to Brock appeared in the March 12th issue of Brock News.

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Information for Podcast Creators

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