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GEOG 1F90: Project Management Chart GROUP A

Amanda Appelman: Globalization and Political geography

William Borgmann: Migration

Nickdeep Brar: Population

Nicole Court: Social Geography and Cultural geography

Mike Dancey: Introduction and Conclusion

Section summary

- Summary of info for all sections aside from introduction will be completed by November 10th and be sent to Mike so that he can complete the introduction section

- Meet with the group member that are able to meet by Nov 30th

- Article sections complete by December 5th and sent to everyone in the group to read over

- Any corrections must be sent back to Mike to be corrected by December 8th

- Final project sent to entire group and uploaded by December 10th

[edit] Meeting time!

Hey everyone! I just want to start thinking of a date and time everyone has free for us to all get together if we can! I am open for pretty much anything so it depends on everyone else's schedules. Let us know asap!

Hey everyone! Just wondering how everyone is coming along…I was hoping to get an email started with all of us to go over everything! The due date is coming up quick!

Hey everyone, I am almost done my part of the assignment. I haven't heard from Nickdeep and Mike yet, just making sure everyone is aware of the due date!! Ill be sending my word document (rough draft) to you guys today.

I have been in contact with Amanda and William, however I am wondering how Nickdeep and Mike's sections are going! I know Amanda has sent out her completed sections, and Will and I are just finishing up the finishing touches on ours. Please contact me asap Nickdeep and Mike, Thank you! -Nicole

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